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SCY Winery Achieves New Milestones with Key Appointments in the Chinese Wine Industry

Exciting news has emerged from SCY Winery as two of its Winemakers, Mrs. Wei and Mrs.Wu, have been honored with prestigious appointments in the Chinese wine industry.

Mrs. Wei has been appointed as a member of the "Technical Committee of the China Alcoholic Drinks Association Fruit Wine Branch", while Mrs.Wu has been named a "National Level Fruit Wine Tasting Committee Member".

These appointments were announced during the 2023 National Level Fruit Wine Tasting Committee Evaluation Meeting, organized by the Professional Committee of Fruit Wine Development of the China Alcoholic Drinks Association.

Held in Chengdu from September 1st to 4th, 2023, the event saw the participation of over 230 technical personnel from enterprises and research institutions across various provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities of China.

These appointments not only showcase the cultivation and support of technical prowess at SCY Winery but also reflect the successful implementation of the company's talent strategy. Moreover, these achievements mark a significant step forward for SCY Winery in the development of the fruit wine category, granting the company greater influence in the standardization and research and development of fruit wines.

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