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Our 23.5N° Family Owned Estate

Adorned by the splendor of nature, our lychee and plum estates are situated on a mountain in Guangzhou, China.


Our choice of these pristine locations was deliberate and thoughtful, as they lie beneath the radiant path of the North Tropic of Cancer, bestowing abundant sunlight upon our orchards. The yearly average temperature of 71.6°F, the proximity to pristine water sources, and their elevated position on mountainous terrain render these estates a sanctuary for our treasured crops.

248 Acres
Plum Estate

168 Acres
Lychee Estate

"Meaty Plum"

We've embraced the indigenous 'Meaty Plum' variety, a local gem, as the cornerstone of our plum wine production, drawn to its slender skin, generous fruit, harmoniously balanced sweet-and-tart profile, and its wellspring of rich, succulent juice.

"Guiwei Lychee"

Carefully hand-picking the exceptional GuiWei lychee, a unique lychee variety imbued with the delicate essence of Osmanthus flowers, we craft the finest lychee wine of nuanced complexity. Enveloped by the distinctive surroundings that cradle our orchards, the lychee fruits we cultivate bear petite kernels, voluptuous flesh, an abundance of nectar, and an enchanting floral aroma.

Our Sunbath

Our Springs

SCY Winery's Estates
SCY Winery's Estates
SCY Winery's Estates

Our Mountains

SCY Winery's Estates
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