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Our wine is meticulously crafted

through fermentation using our exclusive patented techniques,

resulting in a wine of unparalleled quality and character.

All fruits are freshly hand-picked by local farmers.

From the moment of harvest to fermentation,

our winemakers allow only 8 hours for processing

to ensure the maximum preservation of freshness and flavor.

Best Selling

Yutmiso (优梅说) is our undeniable renowned brand that has taken the Chinese social media landscape by storm. It has secured its position as the Number One Choice on multiple ranking charts in multiple social media platforms in China.


Yutmiso accomplished a groundbreaking achievement by amassing over 3 million USD in sales within a mere three months of its debut in 2022. This exceptional success is the result of our pioneering patented fermentation techniques and a patient aging process spanning more than three years. Currently Yutmiso has exported to Macau, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Netherlands, and Canada.

Award-Winning Champions

As one of the rare wineries dedicated to crafting lychee wine, our flagship Lychee Joy (悦荔) brand boasts a legacy of 17 international awards and a portfolio of innovative fermentation patents that set it apart.


Each bottle of Lychee Joy contains 147 hand-picked lychees undergo a seamless journey from the orchard to our fermentation tanks in under 8 hours, preserving the unique umami and flavors of freshly harvested lychee.

Lychee Joy has captivated connoisseurs and consumers alike in the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and beyond, serving as a cultural bridge that connects people from different background through the "Joy of Lychee".

Classic Collections

Our "Classical Collections" offers products that have graced international markets for an extended period, standing as a testament to their unwavering position amidst the ever-changing dynamics of market challenges.


These products are most popular among traditional sales channel such as convenient stores (711 in Thailand),  chained retailer stores (Sam's Club in China), supermarkets (Vanguard in China), East Asian restaurants (omakase sushi restaurant in US) etc.

In House Sparkling

"The First Date" (初邂) aspires to infuse every sip with the same romantic and exciting essence of a memorable first date, creating unforgettable moments for all who choose to share in the joy of our wines.


For those seeking a memorable and enjoyable alternative, we proudly offer alcohol-free sparkling wine, where you can savor the same delightful taste without the need for compromise. 

Founder's Reserve Collection

This series is more than a collection; it is a testament to a journey of passion, innovation, and a deep connection to the cultural roots that define us.

Faced with the pomace waste following the extraction of lychee juice for our renowned lychee wine, our founder Mr. Lin invested over $900,000 in experiments and cutting-edge facilities to transform the pomace into our unique lychee spirits and lychee brandy.


Hailing from the vibrant heart of Guangzhou, China, Mr. Lin envisioned this collection as a tapestry of Cantonese culture. The packaging thoughtfully incorporates symbols representing this cultural heritage, including iconic architectural elements, lion dancing, and dragon boat rowing. The bottle itself, crafted from crystal, epitomizes the commitment to preserving and presenting valuable spirits and brandy in the most exquisite manner.

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