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"Our vision is to be a company that not only thrives but also nurtures.
We aim to serve the local community, uplift the industry, and protect the environment,
all in pursuit of a more sustainable future for everyone."


Empowering Farmers for Prosperity

We've purchased more than 3500 metric tons of fruits annually from the local community, directly improving the lives of over 200,000 farmers.


Our steadfast "no haggle" policy ensures stable incomes for the local farmers, fostering robust, sustainable partnerships with our community. 

We pledge to give back to the people and land we cherish by allocating 10% of our lychee wine profit to our Lychee Foundation. 

SCY Winery empowering farmers for prosperity


SCY Winery empowering fruit farmers
Setting Standards and Sharing Expertise

We are proud to be one of the selected companies that drafted the Industry Standards for lychee and plum wine in China, regulating the quality of these two wines while being the benchmark for others to aspire to.


We're dedicated to sharing our technological expertise at no cost to help transform surplus fruits into a rich tapestry of exceptional wines.


From citrus and mulberry to ginseng, pear, blueberry, orange, grapefruit, pomegranate and more, we're cultivating a culture of innovation to enrich the entire wine landscape in the world.


A Sustainable & Environmentally Responsible Future

All the water utilized in our winery undergoes rigorous purification processes within our purification plants, ensuring that the water we pass to the environment surpasses the stringent qualifications set by the EPA.


We are dedicated to minimizing waste and maximizing resource utilization. We extract every drop of flavor from our fruits by fermenting the lychee juice into wine, recycling the shells as nutrient-rich fertilizer, and distilling the pomace into exquisite lychee spirits and brandy.

SCY Winery empowering fruit farmers
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