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Biggest Winery In Southern China*

The First Chinese Winery on NASDAQ Billboard in New York Times Square

*By Production Capacity


SCY Winery on NASDAQ Billboard in the New York Times Square

Production Capacity

SCY Winery's Facility

At present, our sparkling wine production line can process up to 15,000 tons annually, while our still wine production lines have a yearly processing capacity of 10,000 tons.


We boast a highly skilled team, including 2 National First Class Winemakers out of 120 in all of China, a Wine Tasting Team, and an In-House Research & Development Team with expertise in fruit fermentation.


Our dedication to innovation has resulted in the acquisition of 8 patents that enhance our wine production process, ensuring a distinctive and delightful wine experience.

SCY Winery's 8 Patents
SCY Winery's Partial International Awards

Worldwide Recognitions

We've been honored with 30 prestigious International Awards, earned across renowned competitions such as the London Wine & Spirits International Competition, Asian Wine Competition, Bordeaux Wine & Spirit Competition, Women's Wine & Spirits Awards, Japan Awards 2019, and the Chinese Quality Wine Competition.


These accolades are distributed as follows: 17 Awards in Lychee wines, 10 Awards in plum wines, and 3 Awards in Passionfruit wines.

Global Presence

Our Wine Have Found Their Way To The Shores Of

17 Nations and counting

SCY Winery's International Markets

Since 2007, we have been actively engaged in the global outreach our products. We have garnered a positive reception in various countries including the Netherlands, Canada, Argentina and Thailand.


We possess all the requisite documentation and certifications for our export operations, including ISO 9001, HACCP, the Certificate of Export Registration for Food Processing Factory, and the Registration Certificate of Outbound Fruit Orchard.

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